Study in USA from Bangladesh – 3 Easy Process you would Like

Many people from Bangladesh want to know what to do to come to study in America? Study in USA from BD is easy nowadays. This article is for them. First, you have to decide what to do when you come to America? Study or work (earning money). You can study in the USA from Bangladesh. Studying in the USA is very expensive. If you have the scholarship to study in the USA, it is a good opportunity for you.

Many people go abroad every year to pursue higher education after graduating from our Bangladeshi University. I will tell you all the admission process of the universities in the USA with a few episodes. As a result, you will know how to apply to universities in the United States and how can I study if I don’t have money!

What you will need to Study in USA from Bangladesh?

Approved I-20 letter from American University and bank sponsor in case of applying for student visa (some more documents are required which we will inform you).

If the sponsor is someone else, some of his / her personal documents (we will let you know), chequebooks, proof of relationship with you (we will let you know).

You will need original and photocopies of all previous and current certificates.

Before applying for a student visa, you have to complete any foreign language such as IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, GRE.

It is not good to have a study gap of more than 3 years for a student visa.

Study in USA from Bangladesh

Procedures for student visa in the USA

Step 1

Graduate records examination (gre) and TOEFL / IELTS.

Step 2

Collect a few copies of the transcript from your own University. If the results are class-based, the results can be evaluated from the website.

Step 3

Find the University of your Choice.

Step 4

Apply with the required information by visiting their website at that University.

Step 5

Immigration-related paperwork has to be prepared subject to admission after application.

I will discuss all the steps one by one in the next different episodes. As a result, you will learn how to complete each process! To get an idea of what to do next, you need to know a few more essential things.

Prerequisites for admission to medium to good quality American universities

1. Minimum GPA at graduation 3.0 (out of 4.0)

2. Graduate records Examination (GRE): this exam does not mention any minimum number. However, some universities recommend a specific number on their website

3. Toefl or IELTS. This test is a must for students in countries like ours whose mother tongue is not English. All universities accept Toefl, but IELTS is not yet accepted in many universities. The minimum number of TOEFL and IELTS varies from University to University. However, most universities accept a TOEFL score of 90 or higher (out of 120) and IELTS 6.5 or higher (out of 9).

4. (depending on the University) 2 to 3 recommendation letters or (recommendation letter)

5. Statement of purpose (sop) / letter of motivation: a sop of 1-2 pages

These are the main condition for going on a student visa in America

Also, the conditions which are not mentioned, but which the graduate admission committee of the university funds in a student’s admission application are:

1. Past experience in student research. Since higher education, in most cases, is research-based, prior experience in research is one of the main prerequisites. However, most university admission notices do not mention this.

2. Published research paper.

How can I study if I don’t have money?

It is only possible if you are a USA citizen with free education facilities and have 100% scholarship. You can look for undergraduate scholarships for international students in the USA 2021. If you are eligible and allowed with the scholarship, you can study in the USA if you don’t have money.

About 250 online college courses are offered by eight ivy league schools – brown, Cornell, Columbia, Dartmouth, Harvard, Yale, Penn and Princeton – and all strictly free.

The sectors? They range from computer science to personal development through medicine, mathematics, economics, engineering, art, literature and programming.

1) Scholarships

If you are a traditionalist and prefer of university classrooms to online teaching, you can rely on a scholarship:

Scholarships for abroad: A list of scholarships that are made available each year to study outside national borders, country by country

Scholarships 2020-2021: A useful list to discover all the scholarships available

Undergraduate scholarships for international students in USA 2021: all the opportunities offered by universities collected in a guide

2) Free online university courses

To register for a course – or several courses, you need to go to the institute’s website, apply the filter by subject, choose the course you are interested in and register on the portal. For each course, a trailer is visible along with the program and a series of reviews by those attending it or who have finished it. They are also asked to indicate the degree of difficulty of the course and the type of commitment it requires.

3) Loan facilities for students

If you don’t get a full scholarship, complete with cost and accommodation, get ready to spend some big bucks. The student visa will allow you to work legally only at school. So, unless you have another support system to cover the costs, you will need a loan.

In the USA, it is full, but most of the companies that make loans only grant them to American students or students who already have a visa. I had only found one willing to borrow me before obtaining a student visa, with a very high-interest rate and very bad conditions! Well, you say, what’s the problem?!? Apply for a visa and then apply for a loan. But it’s not that simple.

Final words,

Everyone always wants to study in the USA. Here, I have explained the process and scholarship to study in the USA from Bangladesh. In short, coming to study in America for free or at any rate by cutting costs by a lot is difficult, but not impossible.